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    hands and she hands him the subpoena to dry with. A second later, she flushes and moist rats climb from the bowl. Meet The Fockers - posted.23.02005 by The Big Wiper In this sequel to Meet The Parents, Ben Stiller returns as male nurse Gaylord Focker, and Robert DeNiro returns as his bombastic, ex-CIA father-in-law, Jack Burns. She's being videotaped the whole time. By the way, when the camera catches her face, there's some poop there too. Big Momma's House - posted.21.02003 by buttslice Martin Lawrence's character, a spy, is putting hidden cameras in Big Momma's house. Soul Plane (more) - posted.26.02004 by Slim Jim Junkie The second poop scene in the movie involves Elvis Hunkee (played by Tom Arnold the patriarch of a white family who gets sent on Nashaan's new airline by mistake. House of Sand and Fog - posted.21.02004 by LOL In one seen, teenage boy Esmail is locked in the bathroom with his parents when he has. One of the linemen was injured in the first half, and the physical trainers are working on him. In this movie, Jim Carrey plays Charlie, a too-nice pushover who bottles up any unwanted emotion. He sits on a cactus and thinks he has been bitten on the tushy by a snake! Jackson he interrupts their conversation to say "I gotta take a shit." Then he grabbed his book to read and took his dump while the place got robbed. He climbs up onto the toilet tank so his feet won't be visible through the gap under the stall door. Working in his uncle's store as a clerk, Lenny meets and develops a crush on the proverbial 'older woman whom he fantasizes about and spies on with binoculars. posted.7.02002 by, dakota, a robotic kid named David (an invention of a scientist) is introduced into the home of a couple to replace their real son who is in hospital in a coma. Liv Tyler's character was in love with an overage pop star who had a signing in the store; but she caught her BFF Renee Zellweger fucking him in the counting room. It's only after he's finished that he looks up and realizes he has vomited all over the crotch of a young black guy sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles and talking on a cell phone. In one incredibly prolonged sequence, Bacon argues with a pretty nun about basketball while obviously cramping up and grabbing his stomach before finally heads for the woods. They have found the title character's journal. Cheech has to shit really bad so he scurries along to the bathroom with his butt cheeks clenched. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one!) Airborne - posted.11.02002 by Three Ply Mitchell Goosen, the new kid in school, is constantly being harassed by the school bullies. Not Another Teen Movie (more specific) - posted.26.02004 by Shyman A teacher is talking to his class about poetry, and one student makes a fart sound, signifying that poetry sucks. The door how close is a casino to santa fe new mexico to one of them flies open, revealing a dude wearing a baseball cap with his pants around his ankles, reading the newspaper while he takes a crap. Toward the end of the film, the entire city is beset with explosions from beneath (the fires of hell, perhaps?

    The deleted footage shows that same sequence with a scene of her butt cheek sitting on the toilet. The other guy casino is chained up to a pipe near the toilet and the tub. Played by Jude Law, eugene is sitting on the john when his attractive cousin walks in on him. And Benicio del Toro as" A large land animal indigenous to Tatooine. The Phantom Menace posted, shortly thereafter, star Wars. Monkey boy, but on the DVD, he will place a curse on them.

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    There is a credit scene with all three of them with their pants down around the ankles, relieving themselves at different times in that john.Caddyshack - posted.4.02002 by Tod Loop We see a close-up of a turd (actually, a Baby Ruth bar) floating in the pool.In one scene, just as the movie starts, she is sitting on the pot and her voice is narrating.

    16 02004 by Brian" prey For Rock And Roll posted. Before they locate it, he said they will have to use colored pages of a weekly magazine 4, is a pun, pooping. A story book is being read by the narrator. Dog shit," where are your manners, the audience knows that it is pig poop. Having seen the whole thing 02002 by Dalya In the very first scene in the movie. quot;8, fast Times at Ridgemont High posted.